Why has the car degraded performance? – auto scratch repair

Impaired performance of the car is a sign of problems that indicate a serious engine wear, or problems with its equipment. Impaired performance of safe overtaking and prevent the use of motorways and express roads. Auto scratch repair great will cope with the paint of the car.

(23-02-2017) What else, if you consume it synthetic oil in a modern engine. In advanced designs drive units for both pressure and operating temperature are higher, which is a major challenge for oil. In such cases, the investment in high-end oil is the most desirable.

There are many reasons that make a car or do not respond when you press the gas pedal or reacts with a big delay.

Reduced engine power may also be the result of deliberate action computer that detected the fault and put the car engine in emergency mode, characterized by reduced performance. Confirmation of this is the inflammation of the check engine lights on the dashboard. In modern cars, diesel-powered and meet the Euro 6 is mounted SCR – Selective Catalytic Reduction, uses AdBlue neutralization of harmful nitrogen oxides in the catalyst. If a system failure occurs (for example, due to the freezing of AdBlue, which freezes at minus 11.5 degrees Celsius), or the driver ignores information about the need to replenish fluid, the computer will reduce the engine power by up to 40%. Auto scratch repair renew your car’s paintwork quickly.

The motor may be placed in emergency mode while also detected by the computer failure or catalyst injectors. If the catalyst is not always associated with a decrease in power.

Reduced power due to damage to the turbocharger

The market is more and more engines. The turbines are equipped with all modern diesel engines. Lack of engine power and a series of accompanying symptoms (for example, black smoke from the exhaust pipe, whistle operating the wind turbine, waning oil) are a sign of the failure of the turbocharger. Sub-assembly must be replaced with a new one, or be it professional regeneration. Sometimes the turbine does not require replacement or repair. Guilty of the improper operation and consequently decrease in engine power may be leaking pipe connecting the turbine intake manifold. Auto scratch repair provide you with the look of the car as new.

Reduced power due to engine wear and tear

Worn cylinders and coats wore piston rings, characteristic of heavily exploited units, will also cause less engine power. In this case, the only solution is a complete overhaul of the drive unit. At very strongly worn and old engine, it may be unprofitable.

The drop in power is also influenced by incorrect valve clearance. In some cars, you need to be adjusted from time to time.

The engine did not respond to pressing the gas pedal

This behavior of the drive unit may be indicative of the total consumption of or damage to the spark plugs. You need to purchase new spark plugs and make their exchange. Auto scratch repair best to take care of your car paint.

Failure can be much more serious, and the cost of its removal very high. The reason for the low power drive unit can be worn on the injector fuel – above all injectors. This applies especially to cars with diesel engines. The reason may be the lack of intake manifold vacuum caused by leaks.

The engine responds to depression of the gas but is clearly weaker

In this case, the reason may be worn or damaged spark plugs, damaged fuel injection system or a leak in the intake manifold. Auto scratch repair it makes the paint will look like new.

Often the reason is prosaic – the failure is caused by the old air filter that is clogged. Sometimes enough to purchase a new air filter and mount it to completely eliminate the problem.

Problems with the fuel pump and hoses

Very often the reason for the drop in engine power is a large consumption of fuel pump. The Worn pump is not able to provide sufficient fuel pressure. The device may be reduced patency of the fuel line, which will also result in reduced fuel pressure. By reducing the pressure of the fuel and, consequently, a reduction in engine power may also be responsible clogged the fuel filter.

Fuel pumps do not fix, you have to replace them with new ones. The same applies to the fuel lines. Replacing the fuel filter is a very important step, which should not be forgotten, especially in vehicles with diesel engines.

The decrease in engine power caused by the throttle position sensor

Failures sensors can also reduce engine power. Broken throttle position sensor, mounted in the intake, will result in a lack of power and jerking when pressing the gas. The solution is to purchase a new sensor and its installation.

Power loss caused by a failure of the air flow meter

The air mass sensor is mounted in the intake. It is very sensitive to dirt. When it comes to its failure, the engine will lose power, increase fuel consumption and, in many cars also lights up check engine. Auto scratch repair it will repair the paint of your car.

The decrease in engine power is a warning signal for the car owner, it was time to give the car a thorough diagnosis, which will determine and eliminate the cause of the problem.

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