To seal is more reliable

Seals tend to be different, not only in the form of a rubber pad between the screws or metal connectors. They may seal the edge of the door or window profile.

They are also used in furniture. All kinds of seals found in cars. Some of them are so that water can not get through it, or a little bit of fluid, air or gas. High tightness require, among others, fuel hoses. You should know that the difference between the seal and sealant. Often the seal interface with other material should be rubbed the right preparation.

In this context, one of the most important inventions is a silicone adhesive that is reliable sealing. Sometimes it produced as both universal and for bonding concrete surface. Silicone is suitable for finishing of construction and sealing of precision components, including seals made of plastic. Generally has a high mechanical strength, it does not crumble, it is resistant to water and UV radiation. Neutral silicones are perfect for the sealing of metal poorly resistant to corrosion.

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