Systems “start-stop” – car bumper repair

In the era of technological development and the automotive industry is not lagging behind. Producers wishing to attract and retain customers offer different kinds of innovations. One of the last is called. system “start-stop”. The introduction of such a solution becomes a necessity forced by the EU regulations and emission standards in force in Europe. Car bumper repair It is a great way to repair the bumper.

(23-02-2017) The choice of oil depends on the particular model of car and engine. If you have been driving unit content with mediocre quality mineral oils and semi-synthetic, the replacement for synthetic oil of the highest quality can bring damage to the engine.

What is the system of “start-stop” and how does it work?

The operation of this system seems very simple. When the driver stops for a moment the car at a red light or when it is a traffic jam, release the clutch and turn the play, the motor switches itself off. To restart the engine simply press the clutch pedal. However, if traveling by car with automatic transmission, re-attach the engine will need to be picture foot from the brake pedal. Car bumper repair repair dents on your bumper.

This system is designed to reduce the level of fuel combustion and act for the benefit of the environment, which is at a standstill to reduce noise and release of harmful exhaust emissions. It is worth noting that this system must be designed so that the transition from on to off and the engine OFF to ON must be carried out very smoothly, almost imperceptibly for the driver. We can distinguish three basic elements used in the system “start-stop”. The first is a generator which has a higher strength than the previously used. The second element is the starter, the structure of which is more durable, and more life. Car bumper repair renew your bumper. It is much more vulnerable to exploitation than cars without this system. The third element of the system is monitoring the battery status and a special battery. This is necessary because, as tests have shown, the use of an ordinary battery is hardly a solution for a few weeks, at best a few months. You need to be aware of the fact that while stationary it feuding battery needs to supply energy to the electrical system of the car. Therefore, usually, batteries quickly exploit. There may be situations when the system “start-stop” does not start up. Car bumper repair guarantee the bumper of the car as new.

The priority in the construction of the system was a truck and not to obstruct its use. Therefore, the system can not attach when the battery charge is low (to him even more not to burden), or   In the case, when the demand for electricity of the car is higher – heated windows, seats, lighting. A common cause of-of the system is to use the air conditioning at full speed. Car bumper repair repair your best bumper after the cullet.

The “start-stop” while driving and battery selection

The “start-stop” is to be assumed intelligent solution. In most cases, manufacturers shall ensure, to equip it with a special switch that allows the driver the suspension of its operation. In the era of the development of this system, some models of cars are equipped with special systems whose job it is as much as possible to recover energy during braking. In practice, there are already such systems that allow you to disable the engine from the car to a complete stop,   At the moment when the wheels still move along the way, and we roll to the berth. It is worth remembering that in some older models, followed by a fairly large consumption of fuel when starting the engine. The current engines with the “start-stop” need the minimum amount. Remember to use in this system suitable batteries. It should meet the two characteristics. First, it must be resistant to relatively deep, and secondly to be resistant to tide hold high current in a short time. It is therefore not recommended for lead-acid batteries, which do not comply simply the terms of cooperation with the system. However, you can use the AGM to their complexity and the work will give to the cooperation with the “start-stop”. They are characterized by much higher because several-fold resistance to the cyclic operation, which is necessary for the proper functioning of the car.

Systems “start-stop” is a very practical solution already, so definitely do not be afraid of them. By design, they support a smaller auto combustion and the escape of noxious fumes into the atmosphere. It is worth remembering some information regarding the use of the system and its features, which have been indicated above. As a result, we do not risk the failure of the car, and our pocket not is empty so quickly.

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