Steaming windows – driver problem

The pairing of windows is not only annoying, it is also dangerous. On the market are preparations advertised as ideal for this affliction. Should you use them? If so, in what situations? Are there other methods to combat glass fogging?

The windshield wiped off the engine of the car he saw probably every driver. Wiping them with a cloth or sponge does not produce any results, and the blower – despite the damned blowout – copes with this problem only after long minutes. Even worse when the windshield is steaming while driving because, in addition to the fact that it is a nuisance, it is also dangerous because of the significant reduction of visibility.

What to do with this trouble?

First, turn on the air conditioning. Unfortunately, not all cars are equipped with it. Also, remember that under certain temperatures the air conditioning compressor will not turn on.

Often recommended – and very good – the solution is to thoroughly clean the glass (also from the inside), preferably using a special liquid.

Also, replace the cabin filter. It often forgets about this element, but very much affects both the quality of the air we breathe in the car as well as the evaporation of the glass. Let us also consider whether we carry in the car damp objects. Dry the rugs, let’s look at the nooks. Of course, the weather is also important.

These ways of stained glass are usually effective. It is important to remember them especially with regard to the replacement of the cabin filter and the cleaning of the windows, since, in addition to the evaporation effect, these elements are important for cabin air quality and visibility.

Antifouling agents

There is one more solution to this problem. Speech of special anti-spattering agents, ie preventing the steaming. This type of formulation, thanks to special molecules, not only inhibits glass overlap but also repels water molecules, improving visibility in the rain.

Some people recognize the use of this type of chemistry as a last resort, but it is worthwhile to help fight the evaporation. Opinions about such measures are positive and the process of imposing them is not complicated. Also, the prices are not high.

How to impose this type of measure?

First, you have to thoroughly wash the glass. Later, when it is clean, we shake the packaging and apply it to it, spreading it with a spherical cloth or a microfiber cloth. Once slightly evaporated and a light, a white rash appears, polish another with a dry cloth.

Manufacturers say their preparations work for several weeks. The greatest efficiency in the fight against frosted glass will be achieved, however, combining the use of such preparations with other methods, such as replacement of the cabin filter or removal of moisture from the car.

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