Some tips about wheel alignment and safety

On the road, the most important are safety, not only ours but also other road users. We must remember that an efficient car is the basis of safe driving. Appropriate balance and geometry of the wheel allow the driver to not only a good handling car but also the correct tire wear. It should explore the theme of wheel alignment and convergence tires. Thus, with the help of a hurry to give more insight about what’s going on and then recognize that in this area we have a problem.

(23-02-2017) That’s not all. The oil acts on the engine temperature control by heat transfer, both when the engine is cold and under elevated temperature conditions. It also helps in removing the harmful by-products of combustion, like the carbon deposits. So cares about the cleanliness drive unit. The last key feature is the anti-corrosion effect of lubricating products, which is due to special additives in its composition.

What is the geometry of the wheels and how to set or check?

If we move in the automotive world, perhaps the concept of wheel alignment is not alien to us. Of course, many of us are familiar with this term, but do they really know what it means in practice? To understand the concept in question must turn its attention to setting the wheels. Also, and this part of the car is important and has some of its parameters to keep in mind. Setting the appropriate wheels must take into account: convergence, tilt angle and timing pin axis. The angle of inclination is such an element the geometry of wheels, which is noticeable when watching the car from the front or rear side. Is the angle between the area of the wheel and the vertical. We can talk about two forms of tilt angle – negative and positive. If the wheel turns inward, then there is a negative deviation angle. If the ring is directed outwards, then there is a positive tilt angle.

Another important element of the wheel geometry is a coincidence, and it’s no different than setting the wheels to each other both front and rear. Similarly, as in the case of deviation angle, here also we can talk about the convergence of negative and positive. The next two concepts are wheel alignment angles of inclination and caster. The tilt angle is the angle between the straight observed wheels and steering pin. In contrast, timing can be seen watching from the side of the car. It is the angle between the axis of the pin, a vertical wheel.

Symptoms of poor wheel alignment

There are several symptoms that indicate incorrect wheel alignment. One of them is to download the car to one side while driving. If holding the steering wheel in the straight-ahead position, the car itself moves to one of the parties, it is a sign that you should check geometry. Another symptom may be a problem with inhibition, the method comprising locking the brake of one wheel. Very important also is that when we see circles uneven pressure. Sometimes the differences are visible to the naked eye, but it’s better to check your tire pressure regularly as to previously noted the possibility of a problem occurs. If you have any of these symptoms, you should immediately visit a car repair shop and make a diagnosis. Some anomalies can be easily and cheaply repaired. When, however, did not get interested in the problem in time, we can put the car on a much more serious error, which repair will be long-lasting and far deplete the contents of your wallet.

No need to be a mechanic and know about cars, so in time to note irregularities. While driving, you always have to pay attention to how the car behaves, if we do not have too much to correct the track, if braking takes place without a problem. Also leaving the car in the parking lot, it is worth a look if the tire pressure is too low. Finally, set the proper wheel alignment is one of the key issues when it comes to safe driving and taking care of an impeccable technical condition of the car. Never forget this. Remember, too, that the more we know about the problem, the greater the likelihood that it correctly identify and react accordingly.

The correct wheel alignment a lot to say, but many people do not know in fact what’s going on. It is worth looking at this issue, and certainly, problems in this area never let us surprise.

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