Roof maintenance and polishing

Every year, car owners with soft roofs face a relatively difficult task. The roof of the cabriolet should be cleaned after summer trips and adequately protected against autumn and winter. How to do it well, fast and relatively cheap?

In the UK, there are not many cars with folding roof. But a group of people who appreciate this wonderful feeling of wind in their hair grows. No wonder, because riding with a lofty roof is pure pleasure, especially in summer and at relatively low speed. However, the cabriolets have several disadvantages associated with the roof structure and its maintenance and proper use.

The hardest, of course, is the soft roof, the hard roofs are folded practically maintenance-free, it is enough to occasionally lubricate their mechanisms. Similarly to the roofs, ie the hardtop.

How to clean the roof

Most importantly, keep your attention and focus. At first, the soft roof needs to be properly rinsed. You can do this with a pressure washer, but with a really long distance. Close to the 30 cm compounds can cause the material to shred. Do not even try to wash the soft roof in the automatic washing machine. After wetting and rinsing of the material, it must be washed. We use a soft cloth or sponge for this purpose and a suitable chemical agent – a cleaner for soft roofs. Theoretically, you can use a car wash shampoo or another detergent, but you have to be very careful about it. If we find a wax or some other preservative in the composition of the shampoo, we will make ugly stains, which – not a joke – we can not get rid of the end.

Liquids for cleaning soft roofs

Cabriolet roof cleaning products are produced by reputable companies, including Sonax and Meguiar’s. They cost a lot – from 45 to 50 pounds for a bottle. Still, it is worth investing in. Good roof cleaning fluid allows it not only to wash but to get rid of mold and bird droppings, and even oil stains. These types of substances are very dangerous for soft roofs. The sheets are washed without any problems, but they penetrate into the soft structure of the material. Therefore, it is not worth saving on good chemistry to the roof.

It is worth carrying out the operation on a warm day but in the shade. In this way, we give the roof the ability to dry, but without exposing it to the burning rays of the sun, which could end up fading. The roof must be left to dry completely, give him even a few hours of storage and do not put God’s arms wet.

After all, the roof should be preserved accordingly. We have a selection of well-known brands from all price ranges. Roof repairs are a must to carry out as often as possible, always keeping a close eye on the packaging. Before using a new fluid, let’s look at its effect in some unobtrusive place, and let’s not overdo it in the application of glass and lacquer.

Impregnation products cost an average of 30 to 60 pounds. It is a good idea to buy a kit of washing liquid and a suitable cloth. Kits generally cost between 50 and 80 pounds, which is less than the individual formulas purchased individually.

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