Restore the luster of the car body


Every vehicle owner dreams about it, to his car all the time shone and riveted gaze of passers. Ideally statement describing how important the glow body is, “Auto may be age, but nothing is the worst, as the age and filthy car …”.

Paint Scratch Repair

We have two ways to restore the splendor of the body of our car. The best solution of course would be to return the vehicle to the workshop that provides this type of service, which would conduct the professionals. Unfortunately, it requires a sizeable expense, so you should yourself try to restore the luster body.

Most people, referring to restore the luster of paint, is before the eyes of the polishing using the polishing paste. This is the most correct thinking, but if we take care of everything from “A” to “Z” independently. Why? Proper execution of polishing requires enormous skill and knowledge. We must realize that the improper performance of polishing can harm him, and not to improve his appearance. Therefore, if we do not have professional knowledge and skills, try to avoid self-polishing vehicle.

What can we do?

Above all, care must be taken carefully washing the vehicle. At the beginning of a good idea is a trip to the car wash manual, which will remove the worst dirt, which is on our vehicle. Let us use only a maximum of three programs the device. Avoid applying wax available washes hand. After washing the vehicle at the time of hand washing with a suitable shampoo.

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