Rearview mirror

It would seem that the rearview mirror serves only one purpose. But not everyone knows that, in addition to facilitating the observation of what is behind the car, it can perform other functions.

Not every driver uses the benefits of a rear-view mirror, also called an interior. Drivers of lorries or vans must rely only on the side mirrors. Fortunately, most of the passenger cars “something” through the rearview mirror can be seen. However, this is a part of a car that usually does not pay special attention. Meanwhile, the rear-view mirror can not only help to control the situation at the rear.

Here’s a hypothetical situation. Evening back home, dark … behind us car. Higher, with strong or illuminated lights. Its headlights reflect in the mirror of our car, which makes the ride becomes unpleasant and dangerous. We break down and do not see as much as we should.

There are two ways out of this situation. The first one can be used properly in every car – if of course it is equipped with an interior mirror. Underneath it should be a lever, which after pulling makes the “magical” problem of disappearing because then the angle of inclination of the mirror will be changed. This is the so-called “night” position.

Photochromic mirror

There is also another way to deal with night blindness. It’s about fitting a photochromatic mirror, also called a self-darkening. As the name implies, it itself darkens when it “recognizes” it is necessary. This is due to the coating of special chemicals that react to light or by electronic sensors. This type of equipment is now standard equipment for a growing number of cars on the market, not only in the upper class. However, if the car is not there, you can try to find the right model and mount. This will save us the need to manually adjust the mirror type and definitely improve the driving comfort after dusk.

The interior mirror can also serve another purpose. It is known that we look through it during the reversal, but what would happen if the visible image also showed the situation behind the bumper?

Mirror with reversing camera

Nothing difficult – just invest in a rear-view mirror with a reversing camera. Of course the mirror – or the special mirror on the mirror – is just one element of such a system. The second is a camera that is connected with special wires. This is a very good solution – in the end when backing up and so from the habit, we look in the mirror …

Mirror with driving recorder

Another proposal is a mirror with a drive recorder. Recorders, that is, small cameras that record driving, have gained a lot of popularity in the East, but also in Uk, many drivers use it. It’s hard to be surprised. Recording from a registrar can help to report a traffic police pirate, locate a perpetrator of a collision, or resolve a guilty plea. It is useful in interviews with the police as well as with the insurers. The rearview mirror is a good place to put the recorder. It is located in the center of the glass, besides, thanks to the assembly of the camera integrated with the mirror, we avoid adding another element which worsens the visibility.

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