Systems “start-stop” – car bumper repair

In the era of technological development and the automotive industry is not lagging behind. Producers wishing to attract and retain customers offer different kinds of innovations. One of the last is called. system “start-stop”. The introduction of such a solution becomes a necessity forced by the EU regulations and emission standards in force in Europe. Car bumper repair It is a great way to repair the bumper.

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Why has the car degraded performance? – auto scratch repair

Impaired performance of the car is a sign of problems that indicate a serious engine wear, or problems with its equipment. Impaired performance of safe overtaking and prevent the use of motorways and express roads. Auto scratch repair great will cope with the paint of the car.

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Car dent repair

Dents are the bane of owners of the car. Thanks to the technology because it can be successfully removed from virtually all over the car body, without coating the surface of the repaired item. Small dents on the car body formed The parking damage or hail no longer require costly as it used to visit the workshop body and. The specialist workshop, there are two opposing methods of repairs to the surface of the body, depending on the availability of a particular item. In brief, the first of which consists of stuffing the resulting dent the other with her drawing.

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Reversing sensor vs auto scratch repair

Car manufacturers sometimes pay more attention to design than practicality. As a result, they construct vehicles that look impressive but do not provide enough good visibility. The massive rear pillars and a small, high-set rear window can hide many a hurdle when parking. The solution to this problem is the installation of reversing sensors, which would protect the bodywork of the vehicle from damage parking. Auto scratch repair repair paint your car. Auto scratch repair is the only way to get a new paint.

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