Overheated engine

Engine overheating is a nightmare for every driver. After seeing the first symptoms of such a failure, it has little time to protect the engine from very serious damage. Check out what to do to get to the workshop.

Among the many indicators in the car to respond to information about the temperature of the liquid in the engine, we pay the slightest attention. Usually, its indications are simply in the standard, ie at the level of 90-100 degrees. However, if we notice – usually when standing in traffic on a hot day – that the tip is approaching 120 degrees, we have a problem. This means that the temperature is too high and the engine overheats.

Essential activities

In this case, set the heating and blower to the maximum. This may sound absurd – especially if a crash has occurred in a traffic jam when the outside temperature reaches 40 degrees Celsius – but it is better to spend a little time than to risk damaging the car. When warming up, we get a slightly warmer drive unit.

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If the situation does not improve (or even deteriorate, for example, from the mask of the pair), let us ride on the shoulder and turn off the engine. Let’s carefully open the mask (make sure you do not burn it!) And let’s see if there are any leaks. With the plug removed from the expansion tank or coolant cap wait for several dozen minutes until the whole cooled down. Undoing just after stopping can result in burns! If we notice the loss of refrigerant, we should not immediately add it before cooling down.

In the absence of liquid, the distilled water can be replenished. Also, if you pour a different liquid than before and mix it, visit the workshop to replace the entire contents of the tank. It is important that the poured liquid or water has an ambient temperature and not lower.

If it does not overheat

However, if the symptoms of overheating persist, the cause of the malfunction is different. This may be a cooling fan failure or a breakdown of the thermostat or obey refused to pump the water. Unfortunately, in many modern cars, you can remove the thermostat outside the workshop. Also, the water pump fault is only repaired in the workshop. In case of failure of the fan, you can try to temporarily connect it “for a short time”.

Overheating counts fast reaction. Symptoms of this condition must not be underestimated, because engine repair may be unprofitable. However, care must be taken to avoid getting burned.

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