How to protect the paint from the salt? Car body spray london


Frosts, if any, are small, snow as much as a cat wept. But salt on many roads and so it appears. It protects us from slipping, but also willingly destroys the bodywork of our cars. How to protect against it? Car body spray london renew the paint of your car.

The best protection against salt on the roads is purity. No, no roads – that they do not arrange it. It’s about keeping the car clean. We often see cars whose owners act according to the saying that “preserves the dirt.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Car body spray london take care of your car paint.


The enormous importance of oil as an operating fluid due to the multiple functions that plays in an effort to protect the engine. The most important of these is, of course, lubrication. The motor is a complicated structure composed of a plurality synchronic metal. During operation, they produce enormous friction force that would be able to destroy the engine, if not the beneficial properties of the oil. It affects so directly on the rate of consumption of the components that build power unit.

Use a pressure washer

The car body is constantly under attack by various chemicals. They destroy it also impacts all particles – dust, insects, by sand, gravel, until the stones. The resulting micro-so immediately invade chemicals – winter is the most common road salt. If penetrates through the protective layer of  paint begins to eat away at the car body. The salt is hygroscopic, readily adheres to wet locations and remain there longer. The easiest way to remove it is just a car wash. We can do it ourselves if we have even a pressure washer. The cheapest, though decent cost upwards of three hundred gold. Of course, the car can also be washed in a self-service car wash or gas station. Car body spray london makes the paint will look like new.  Self-service car wash allows accurate washing the wheels, wheel arches on the inside and at least partial purification of the chassis. If outside there are strong frosts, it is better to go by car to the car wash. We’ll pay a few leg, but at least pick the car clean and dry. Alternatively, you can wait a day or two if weather forecasts predict a thaw. Remember that you need to wash the car whenever it gets dirty, and not, for example, once a month. Car body spray london ensure the appearance of the paint as the news.

Useful wax and clay

If the weather is nice and we have a little more time, it’s definitely worth the effort and wax the car after washing. Wax – no matter whether you choose a formulation in spray or container – will secure the bodywork for some time. In fact, the car can be waxed and polished in 15-20 minutes. It is treated as a substitute for the sport. Both the driver and automobile come out the better for it. Car body spray london lets renew the old paint.

Before winter or during the major thaw should also remove corrosion – existing and potential. Bodywork can clear a special clay. Instructions can be found on the packaging, but in a nutshell, it looks like this: breaks off a piece of clay, we form with the ball, which will be held in three or four fingers, and her wet clean the bodywork. In this way, we remove stubborn dirt, such as insects, tar, and stale  paint layer. And these are the potential corrosion, pitting. After this, you wax your car. It will be well protected even for a few difficult weeks.

The film for the protection

Way to protect various body parts – and even the whole car – is to use the film. The transparent protective film is ideally suited for  bonnet, fenders or thresholds – and thus components most vulnerable to damage and corrosion. If we are to free thousands of dollars, we may be tempted to taping the whole car foil in any color.

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