Engine sound

With a true fan of the automotive industry is a bit like the wine connoisseur – as “expressive” treat what the layman may be unnoticeable or it is just a nuance. A true fan automotive, hearing the sound of a new Maserati or Porsche, listens to not rumble of the engine, but in his music. Likewise, sometimes fanatics high suspended roadsters.


Therefore, the rather rhetorical question is whether the sound of the engine is the invention of the automobile fan. After all, the classic definition of marketing focuses primarily on customer satisfaction, which is to enjoy everything as best as a child.

Any sensible driver knows that the foundation of long-life engine regular oil change. Among the available products can be found also those referred to as oil premium. Will their purchase is profitable? If so, what cars you sleep best?

The customer has to enjoy both the artificial engine sound, created by the factory “composers” and the sound of providing only that the machine is all right. One of the first companies that consciously worked on the music of the engine, a Harley-Davidson. However, at a certain stage of development the automotive industry, especially the development of motorcycles cleaned with unnecessary details, in spite of the lovers of loud roar of the engine or stood right. Limited allowable number of decibels machines on the roads. Despite this, manufacturers have found a way, achieving the desired effect.

What determines the characteristic engine sound?

Not always easy to decipher because of these limitations on the permissible sound barrier. Whereas this provision, manufacture motors with high power began to limit the number of cylinders, replacing them with turbocharging, which also affects the sound of the engine. And fan automotive industry, especially sports cars, easily distinguish the sound car taking part in the Formula-1 from the usual limousine. These are usually V-engines howling 10 called. Fork, reaching power to 500 horsepower.

The characteristic engine sound is to a large extent, the amount of vibration during operation. According to experts, they produce more gasoline. A number of cylinders (there may be from 2 to 16) and their distribution also influences the sound of the engine. In the case of motorcycles with a sound machine can decide to get rid of pieces and parts of a spray. Another method used by manufacturers is too narrow the exhaust using special tabs. active exhaust. After exceeding 3500 rpm, the engine seems more resonant sound. Anyway, rather oddly it drives almost silent sports car.

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