Engine life of the car

Motor accidents spend a lot of sleep on the drivers, mainly because of the drastic cost of repairs. For this reason, they should be prevented and the best time to take care of the proper condition of the drive unit. What steps do you want to extend the life of the engine?

Painful crashes
Failures of the engine and its accessories are associated with the need to incur high costs for repairs. Damage to bushings, camshafts, and turbochargers can reduce the driver’s wallet by up to hundreds, but not thousands, of pounds. The more modern the engine, the more you have to deal with extensive failures. The increase in technology is not always a result of the failure, as the owners of the Volkswagen TSI / TFSI petrol engines from the first years of production have been convinced. Therefore, caring for the condition of the engine is the basic principle of rational use of the vehicle.

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Proper lubrication
15,000 km or 1 year of service is the most common recommendations of car manufacturers for oil change intervals. It plays a key role in extending the life of the drive. It lubricates the metal components that build it, thereby reducing friction and creating the right conditions for the engine. The oil also transfers heat, protects against corrosion, cleans and lubricates the turbocharger. The regular replacement of the lubricant will undoubtedly affect not only the condition of the engine but also the turbo.

Whenever possible, use synthetic oils which, thanks to advanced formula, guarantee the highest levels of protection, including extreme temperatures. Among the budget, producers are Polish companies such as Orlen and Lotos. Premium segment products are specific to Shell and Castrol oils. Together with the oil, we also change its filter, which keeps the contaminants from leaking out by the lubricating liquid.

Clean air and fuel
The energy needed to put the wheels into motion comes from the combustion of the air-fuel mixture in the cylinder. In order to ensure efficient and safe operation of the engine, it is necessary to provide both components with the proper quality and cleanliness. It is important to take care of the air, regularly changing its filter. This operation is straightforward and will bring most of its drivers. The purchase price of the filter is not high because they are in the range of 20-30 pounds. Top manufacturers include companies such as Filtron and Bosch. The used filter will not only transmit less air but also pollutants that can damage, among others. turbocharger rotor blades.

The second component of the combustion mixture in the cylinder is the fuel. Refueling at dubious quality stations or constant driving on the reserve accelerates both the consumption of the fuel pump and the expensive injectors. Also remember to replace the fuel filter, the durability average of 60-80 thousand. km.

Driving style
The driver’s driving style has a huge impact on the longevity of the engine. Particular attention should be paid to the economical treatment of the drive unit before it reaches the right temperature. Cold oil is not able to provide the right operating conditions, so friction is increased. It is also a good idea to wait a few seconds after starting the vehicle before leaving the road. This short time will allow the lubricant to reach all components requiring lubrication.

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