Auto body shop near me can fix my car?

Often, a person buying a used car spends 100% of the planned budget. This is a very serious mistake because a large sum should be spent on the exchange of fluids and many parts. Let’s see what.


Why at all we should replace the package fluids and parts in the newly bought car? The answer to this question is simple – because we do not know their real state! Auto is used do not know how, do not know by whom, anybody knows how serviced. From these principles, we can withdraw only when buying a car, which we know well. It happens when belonged to a family member, friend or person to whom we have full confidence. In any other case, on the necessary exchange reserve should amount corresponding to even 10-15% of the value of the car. We must assume that no one in their right mind would sell a car after making all necessary repairs. Honesty and good customs, of course, require precise to inform the buyer about the state of the car but fix any shortcomings smacks of officiousness.


The problem discharged battery had to do practically any driver. Sometimes a battery is suitable only for exchange. How to diagnose the problem and replace the battery? Contrary to popular belief a test of the battery can be successfully carried out in virtually any environment.


It is good practice to replace all fluids in your car. The first one should go motor oil, regardless of mileage. We do not know whether or not it contains metal filings or not overworked and maintains performance. During the exchange, we follow the recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer. They are also determinant when selecting a new transmission oil – this, however, we need not always be replaced, but in certain cases. In various cars he has assumed a different life – time is 50 thousand. km, other times – 100 thousand. km. Of course, there is a chance that the gear oil has not been replaced ever, so if you buy a car on the course of close to 100 thousand. km and more, there is nothing to wonder. For replacement of engine oil, we spend approx. 100-200 pounds. At gear oil – in the optimistic version – similar amount. The pessimistic (more expensive oil, difficult exchange) – even the “big” a few hundred pounds, approaching a thousand.

The exchange is also suitable brake fluid and cooling. Yes, you can determine the status of these fluids, observing the color (tank surge brake fluid) or by measures (cooling), but in my humble opinion, not in this situation. We buy, trade, and now. Purchase and replacement of both the cost of approx. 200 pounds.


Car bumper repair –

Replacement filters

Remember that an oil change without the foundation of a new oil filter is meaningless – it accumulates most of the impurities. We go with the flow and replace the fuel filter. We do not know what fuel quality and the conditions under which drove the previous owner. And it also means the need to replace the air filter. These two elements are responsible for the cleanliness of the mixture in the engine – it is better that there was no water in it, fusel oil or other foreign matter.

By the way, we exchange a cabin air filter, which is designed to stop dust and pollen, wanting to break into the interior of the car. Dirty and the wet filter are a great breeding ground for bacteria and that cause allergies. Prices filters are quite varied. Per set of decent quality products, we can pay from 100 pounds to 250 pounds.

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